Closing the gapsin Channel Marketing.

Trust is the foundation for effective, sustainable business relationships, especially within dealer, franchise and distributor networks. In our experience, successful channel partnerships depend on building trust by closing five key gaps.

About the Webinar.

What it's all about

This 30-minute webinar introduces you to the concept of trust gaps – the challenges that naturally occur within channel partner networks. We'll also discuss the strategies and tactics that we've developed, and applied, to close the gaps and build trust.

What you’ll learn

Our research discoveries and perspective on channel marketing

The skillset, mindset and toolset framework

Strategies for improving communications

Using technology to support your efforts

Our Presenters

Want to strengthen your channel partnerships? Tune in to our "Closing the Gaps" Webinar for the strategies and tactics that work.

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Webinar Bonus Material.

Tips to bridge the trust gap.

Watch our webinar to access this bonus material. Understanding how to manage trust gaps involves much more than just knowing how to identify them. The following content illustrates some of our ideas and solutions. We hope it inspires you to give us a call.

  • Video: Understanding Trust Gaps hosted by Jim Letwin, CEO, Jan Kelley
  • Infographic: Trust Gaps
  • White Paper: Harnessing the Power of Social Media within a Dealer/Franchise Network
  • Franchise/Dealer Survey: Trust and the Channel Partner/Parent Corporation Relationship