We believe agility and innovation are the new currencies.

Adopting an entrepreneurial mindset, no matter how large your company is, can result in some pretty big payoffs. We’ll work with you to apply lean startup practices that inspire agility and innovation.
Our Communitech Lab.

Forging a new way, faster.

Value in brands is now determined by the utility they offer, something that’s best enabled through technology. The Jan Kelley Idea Incubator helps brands like yours create first-to-market business solutions using super-fast prototype development methods.
Our Partnership.

Collaborating with Communitech

At the hub of Canada’s globally recognized tech sector, Communitech is made up of startups, companies and academic institutions. By immersing ourselves and our clients into this think tank – we’re able to collaborate with some of the sharpest minds in the world.
Inspired by lean startup approaches, our 4-step Agile Innovation Sprint focuses on translating a business challenge into an opportunity and an idea into action. The result is a minimum viable product (MVP) that’s ready for marketplace testing. Schedule an Innovation Sprint
  • 1. Define the problem

    Gain greater customer insight and clarity on the business objective.
  • 2. Determine the solution

    Identify the opportunity for innovation and generate a solution concept.
  • 3. Design the prototype

    Validate the desirability and feasibility of a product or service concept.
  • 4. Develop the MVP

    Build a minimum viable product (MVP) to prove market viability.

Ready to become more agile?

Our well-curated Agile Innovation Resource Guide has valuable innovation models, templates and prototype testing tools that will help you get started.

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