Nothing is certain. Except our resolve.

We couldn’t possibly have prepared for COVID-19. And while there are still no guarantees, we can position ourselves, as B2B marketing leaders, for what’s coming next. Watch "The Future After", a webinar designed to help you find success on the other side of this pandemic.

Our Roadmap


React : Jan – Mar 2020


Pivot : April – June 2020


Survive : July – Dec 2020


Thrive : Jan – Sept 2021

Phase 1


January – March 2020

What starts as a trending news topic suddenly causes the world to stop. Our lives change virtually overnight and we all scramble to help flatten the curve.

COVID-19 Stage: Outbreak
Emotion: Shock
Society: Reactive
Industries: Feast or Famine

The Implications

Unprecedented shift to everything digital
Many are panic-buying food and stockpiling toilet paper (for some reason)
Social distancing enters our lives and our lexicon
An entire population is urged to stop speaking moistly
Non-essential businesses shift operations or even close
An immediate positive impact on the environment

The Opportunity: We Respond


Companies will be remembered for how they respond – and how quickly. Brands share a common goal to help others and show gratitude.


Go back to basics: Focus on purpose, values and communication.

How to Navigate:

Re-align messaging, content and communications for COVID-19 sensitivity. Take action in alignment with your brand’s purpose, your cause, your reason why.

Phase 2


April – June 2020

We all come to terms with our new reality. We develop new routines and find ways to support each other more than we ever have before with cautious optimism.

COVID-19 Stage: Plateau
Emotion: Resolve & Rally
Society: Adaptive
Industries: Feast or Famine

The Implications

Consumers shop digitally by necessity, not preference
Curbside pickups and contactless experiences become the norm
Businesses adapt to stay relevant with consumers
Many are forced to juggle working, parenting and teaching at home
Consumers give brands permission to try new things and fail fast

The Opportunity: We Reimagine


This is a time to reimagine what’s possible as consumers begin to develop new preferences and behaviours change.


Lean into experimentation and test as many new things as possible.

How to Navigate:

Use data if you have it; if not, listen to what your customers are asking for. Then gather your team to come up with a list of experiments. This could be new revenue streams, digital versions of traditional offerings, new value propositions and more. Sort your ideas by impact and effort to execute.

Phase 3


July – December 2020

Social distancing restrictions begin to lift, businesses reopen slowly and we return to a modified sense of cautious normalcy.

COVID-19 Stage: Recurrent Outbreaks
Emotion: Fatigue
Society: Routinized
Industries: Slump/Recession

The Implications

Consumers become more digitally selective
New service offerings from a wide range of brands are deployed
Augmented and virtual reality become expected, not preferred
The selling process is dramatically disrupted
Resources and results become paramount

The Opportunity: We Rethink


We all rethink our digital experiences to evolve and deliver additional benefits beyond functional value.


Create your own disruption with real, purpose-driven innovation.

How to Navigate:

Identify opportunities to leapfrog your current position. Double down on your most promising experiments. Introduce new ways of transacting and new ways of building relationships.

Phase 4


January – September 2021

The world collectively exhales. We all adopt our second "new normal" in a calendar year. One based on optimism and acceptance, not fear.

COVID-19 Stage: Vaccine
Emotion: Relief
Society: Evolved
Industries: Rebounding

The Implications

We are all digital by choice once again
Permanent shift in expectations for seamless omni-channel experiences
People are increasingly aware of and influenced by brand purpose
Everyone is living and buying more intentionally
eCommerce, live chat and chat bots aren’t innovations, they are table stakes

The Opportunity: We Reinvent


True reinvention becomes reality. Companies who thrive are those who recognize that a new standard has been set. The need to be a purpose-led brand and to deliver a next-level experience becomes a requirement.


Deliver a next-level, digital omni-channel customer experience.

How to Navigate:

Get a full view of your customer by storing data and analyzing trends. Adapt in real time. Continue to lean on your brand purpose.