How we helped Dörken Systems leverage the power of LinkedIn to create one campaign that could be targeted to two separate audiences at once.

For more than 125 years, Dörken Systems has protected all types of buildings from the most extreme weather conditions all over the world.
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Normally, Dörken Systems would market its products to either leading-edge architects or builders. But, with the launch of DELTA®-FASSADE SA, there were unignorable benefits for each audience.

Two audiences were more effective as one.

For this type of product, we would normally focus on architects who wanted to protect their unique designs proactively. However, with the new DELTA®-FASSADE SA, builders could also benefit with a better solution for their application, energy and fire code needs. For the first time ever, we were able to speak to more than one audience while highlighting ultra-specific benefits.

From the open-joint cladding know-it-alls.

By leveraging LinkedIn’s advanced targeting algorithms and our own data, we could reach each unique audience with confidence, knowing both architects and builders were only receiving the information relevant to them, making the most of an opportunity – and an incredibly tight budget. Every facet of our “know-it-alls of open-joint cladding” campaign used dramatic weather images and confident messaging to illustrate superior product performance. We selected a variety of intense weather graphics to communicate how outdoor elements can impact buildings, and to further drive the need for DELTA®-FASSADE SA as a valuable weather-resistive barrier solution.

Award-winning results.

From August to October 2019, we leveraged LinkedIn Conversation Ads to promote DELTA®-FASSADE SA across North America to two separate audiences. We utilized audience attributes to identify relevant member groups within Canada and the US based on region, industry, seniority and title. This not only helped us increase engagement; it helped us earn a silver LinkedIn B2B Marketing Award at the 2020 CMAs.

  • 0.6%average CTR
  • 35%lead form completion rate
  • 427leads with a CPL of only $28
  • 20%lead form completion rate from eBook content

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