Generating Demand for DELTA®-MS


Creative Strategy Digital Advertising Lead Generation

The Challenge.

Dörken’s DELTA®-MS is proven to provide better foundation protection. But with continual cost pressures driving the decision making, many contractors are sacrificing performance by choosing the lowest cost for foundation protection, even though they barely meet minimum building code requirements. So here’s the question. How do you generate demand for a better product, when the market isn’t looking for one?

You challenge builders and contractors to see basement protection differently by helping them recognize the negative impact of low-cost sprays. You change how they buy and install foundation protection altogether. And you convince them that DELTA®-MS is the better alternative by proving its superior performance.

The Approach.

We developed a series of animated banners and digital ads that delivered bold, engaging messages. The ads demonstrated exactly how DELTA®-MS worked and each one contained a call-to-action that led to relevant, useful content such as infographics, webinars and downloadable assets.

The Result.
  • 975%Increased Social Engagement
  • 22,778Digital Sessions
  • 1.03%Conversion rate
  • #1First page of Google

Between March and August 2017, the DELTA®-MS campaign delivered some serious results. DELTA®-MS sales went up, web traffic and engagement on increased and social engagement on Twitter improved by 975%.