We put Harley-Davidson to the test.


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The Challenge.

Harley-Davidson®, one of the world’s most iconic brands, has always been synonymous with motorcycles – but not always quality. We were challenged with dispelling the false perception that Harley-Davidson motorcycles were poorly crafted to then turn customers’ dreams of riding into reality.

The Solution.

Research uncovered that straddling a Harley in a showroom removed all quality-related doubt from the minds of potential customers. So that got us thinking. If a bike inside a building could get them excited, what would happen when they experienced the roar of the engine on the open road? This was the driving force behind the Harley-Davidson Test Ride Program.

How it Works.

The easy-to-use online utility allowed Dealers to create their own unique web pages that helped customers choose a bike family (Street, Sportster, etc.), find a local retailer and schedule an appointment. Behind the scenes, Dealers could manage their demo fleet and had the ability to automatically deliver personalized emails before and after test rides to promote purchase.

The Result.

Test Ride was a massive success in Ontario. So much so that Harley-Davidson expanded the program to the rest of the country so all Canadians could experience the thrill of their lives.