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 Jan Kelley

Some Background

CIVITAS TURF DEFENSE™ is a plant protection product that helps to produce strong, healthy turf.


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Quick Brief

Help golf superintendents spend more time maintaining the quality of their turf.


Timing really is everything.

Golf superintendents are overwhelmed. Nowadays, maintaining superior grass throughout every hole on a golf course is only one of their many responsibilities, with important details like budget management now monopolizing so much of their time. We needed to find a way to reduce their administrative duties so they can spend more time where they belong – on the course

The likes of which had never been seen.

The challenge superintendents face presented us with an opportunity. An opportunity to build one of the golf industry’s first web-based, all-in-one budgeting, scheduling and forecasting apps that calculates savings and alleviates stress from the everyday. We called it the IPM Costing Tool.

The Brand

How’s it work? Quite seamlessly.

We created a web-based tool that allows superintendents to manage all aspects of their Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program from anywhere, at any time. Everything from scheduling turf treatments and tracking real-time weather data to customizing field notes and generating professional reports can all be done in minutes on virtually any device.