An opportunity we just couldn’t waste.

Brand Strategy Name & Logo Creation UX Design Digital Development
The Challenge.
After being sold to a private equity firm, Newalta’s industrial waste management division operated as its own company – and needed its own identity. One that would help establish the company as a leader in the environmental services industry while speaking to its existing waste management customers.
The Solution.
You can’t build a strong brand without a strong name. Born from the Latin words for “earth” and “clean,” Terrapure Environmental represented the company’s new vision: to be the trusted partner for industrial environmental solutions. But the name and the logo were just the beginning.
The Website.
To help convey Terrapure’s brand vision to the 15 unique industry segments it serves across Canada, we created a website that was designed to speak directly to each consumer logically, no matter which industry they were in. Content for industries and services was grouped separately, meaning similar but unique content was created, helping to add value to the website and, ultimately, the consumer.
The Result.
25 Leads / Month
2.96 Avg. Page Visits
1:47 Avg. Session Duration
Terrapure Environmental has quickly established itself as an environmental industrial solutions leader. And has seen a steady increase in website traffic since its launch in 2015, now generating almost 200 daily visitors and 25 contact form submissions a month requesting pricing for specific services.
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