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 Jan Kelley

We’re not ones to keep our opinions to ourselves.

A collection of thoughts on what’s happening now in the world of marketing. And what’s coming next.

Salespeople, it gets better.

I think it’s safe to say the traditional sales approach is having a bad decade. In fact, roughly 40% of salespeople people say getting...Read More

5 Reasons You Want to Make Data Visual with Google Data Studio

Why Google Data Studio May Be The Best Decision You Ever Make As marketers, there is a data point to track just about anything...Read More

‘Good’ B2B marketing doesn’t have to be so bad.

You can engage your B2B customers without trading the humanity, the intrigue or the personality to make your point. You can do it all....Read More

B2B companies are generally terrible at Customer Experience

... but it doesn’t have to be that way. Read More

UX Designers

UX designers in an ever-changing digital world

We polled UX Designers at the Embrace UX Conference to find out just how they approach the world of user-centred design in an ever-changing...Read More

Science of marketing

Is the science of marketing crushing creativity?

Data. Triggers. Calls to action. Click rates. Page views. Form fills. Our ability to track every micro decision someone makes along the path to...Read More

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