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Some agencies focus on creativity. Others on data. But very few do both – or do them as well as Jan Kelley. We’re an award-winning creative digital agency that’ll help your business grow in ways others can’t.

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Many marketers believe you have to make sacrifices for agency relationships; it’s either creative or digital, strategy or execution. But not here. We believe we’re most effective when strategy, creativity, technology and execution are brought to life together.

And it’s this belief that inspired Humanology. It’s how we combine the brilliance of humanity with the most powerful digital technologies. How we realize the true potential of a brand. And how we’ll spark ideas, generate momentum and drive long-lasting growth for you.

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We are born challengers.

You’re ambitious. You question things. And you want to make bold moves. And so do we. Every day, we will challenge you to think differently, step into risk with confidence and help you achieve goals you never thought you’d reach.

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We help clients win in a digital world.

No matter where you are in your growth stage, we drive results through our end-to-end marketing solutions. Our diverse subject matter experts do everything from digital strategy and creative to performance marketing, digital experience development and demand generation.

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We’ve created powerful digital-first campaigns that a) generate strong results and b) require us to commission larger trophy cases.

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