When human insight meets technology we call it humanology.

 Jan Kelley



We are a
digital performance and experience innovation company.

We are creators, communicators, technologists and scientists who leverage the power of human insights and technology to unlock the true potential of brands and continuously drive better results.

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Forging ahead, faster.

Value in brands is now determined by the utility they offer, something that’s best enabled through technology. JKi, our idea incubator, helps brands like yours create first-to-market business solutions using super-fast prototype development methods. Not sure which problem to solve? ProblemFinder.ca can help identify your best opportunities for innovation.

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Define the problem

Gain greater customer insight and clarity on the business objective.


Determine the solution

Identify the opportunity for innovation and generate a solution concept.


Design the prototype

Validate the desirability and feasibility of a product or service concept.

Agile practices
made perfect.


Develop the MVP

Build a minimum viable product (MVP) to prove market viability.

Strong connections
in tech.

The biggest problem a business will face is deciding which problem to solve. Through our partnerships with Waterloo’s Communitech, Burlington’s TechPlace and Hamilton’s Innovation Factory, we will challenge and inspire you to create better solutions faster.

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