Creative Brand Development

We create emotional connections with your audience that motivate action.

A brand is more than just a logo slapped on a box.

A brand is a series of intangibles that represent absolutely everything an organization stands for that we identify, shape and strengthen through creative expressions that make a brand relevant, meaningful and distinct.

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Market Research

To understand the utility and experience your brand should provide, we conduct extensive market research to identify how you can appeal to those most important to you.

Brand Identity

The most successful companies – the strongest brands – clearly understand what they represent to their customers. They work hard at making sure that everything they do and say – internally and externally – consistently demonstrates that understanding to customers, employees and other stakeholders.

Creative Strategy

Jan Kelley recognizes that successful brands must be well defined and well delivered. We bring our clients practical ideas and creative solutions to ensure consistent delivery of the brand at every point of customer contact.


By setting a baseline and aligning key metrics with your business goals, we track everything we do and how your audience responds.


We take a results-driven approach to analyzing performance, uncovering insights and providing recommendations for improvements.


We take our learnings and optimize resources to do more of what’s working and less of what’s not.