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 Jan Kelley

The Future After

Mike Llewellin

Associate Creative Director

We couldn’t possibly have prepared for COVID-19. And while there are still many uncertainties, we can position ourselves, as B2B marketing leaders, for what’s coming next.

During the course of this pandemic, every business from every industry will go through a series of crisis management phases – React, Pivot, Survive and Thrive. In order to successfully transition from one phase to the next, it’s important to understand what’s happening around us, what the implications will be to businesses and society in general and uncover where the real opportunities will lie.

During The Future After, a recent webinar hosted by Jan Kelley’s Leadership Team, B2B marketing leaders were offered a unique and realistic point of view on how they can – and will – find success on the other side of COVID-19.

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In our live webinar, our leadership team discussed: 

  1. The past, present and future phases of the pandemic.
  2. The impact changing buyer expectations will have on sales, digital experiences, etc.
  3. The marketing opportunities that will exist for the brave and the bold.

We really are in this together.

We hope this helps. And we hope this goes without saying: If you’re struggling to navigate all of this uncertainty, you are not in this alone.

If you have any questions about how to find success on the other side of COVID-19, book a free 90-minute brainstorming session with us. We can help you identify some initiatives to focus on.

Also, if you have an innovation you need help getting started, schedule a session with our Idea Incubator. We can help you speed up prototyping and reduce the cost of trying new things.

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