How we helped Pricefx, the global leader in SaaS pricing software, and the Food & Beverage industry find success on the other side of COVID-19.

Pricefx helps enterprises of all sizes in both B2B and B2C optimize and automate their pricing strategies through AI-powered insights.
  • ABM Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Lead Nurture
The Food & Beverage industry was hit hard during the pandemic, but the last thing it needed were promises – it needed help.

A fresh-made approach for the Food & Beverage industry.

No business was safe from COVID-19. The pandemic shifted demand in the Food & Beverage industry from traditional foodservice to Retail/CPQ basically overnight. Companies were forced to completely change their operations just to stay in business, creating entirely new revenue streams like meal kits, frozen food and curbside grocery delivery. All of this uncertainty created an “opportunity window” for Pricefx to help clients in the Food & Beverage industry find success on the other side of COVID-19 by overcoming increasing pressure for margin improvement due to lost sales.

Catering to specific tastes (and insights).

B2B marketing is unique as purchases often happen by committee, meaning effective B2B strategies need to consider multiple stakeholders. By leveraging an Account-Based Experience Program, we “flipped” the funnel and created a highly tailored campaign targeted to only a few exclusive accounts. We developed unique landing pages for the Food & Beverage companies Pricefx looked to convert to clients. We created eight pages in total, each with its own personalized content that reflected the user’s daily challenges. We served up everything from industry news to risk mitigation advice and curated podcast suggestions. And we supported our digital-first strategy with Custom Email Nurture Flows, Unique Drift Bot Scripts and LinkedIn Conversation Ads.

Delivering results that shine.

After just one month, and with the tightest of budgets, we acquired new leads, re-engaged cold ones and saw incredible results thanks to our data-driven creative strategy. In total, our personalized content hub achieved over 2,000 pageviews, which is impressive. And the average session duration was over 7 minutes, which is unheard of. That’s six times more than the average time spent on landing page experiences.

  • $4.8CPC
  • 6%Conversion Rate
  • 55%Average CTR
  • 2KPageviews

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