When human insight meets technology we call it humanology.

 Jan Kelley

Some Background

Revera® Retirement Living is a leading provider of retirement living homes, retirement communities & dedicated long-term care services for seniors.


Creative Strategy
Media Planning & Buying
Media Optimization

Quick Brief

Establish Revera as a trusted resource for retirement living and encourage seniors to consider it as the retirement living option that provides the freedom to do more of what they love.


Sometimes the answer comes in the form of a few questions.

Researching retirement residences can be a challenge for anyone. From retirement homes to senior apartments to long-term care homes, how do you know which one is which? Never mind which one is right. With so many options available and so much miscommunication online, we needed to find a way to answer the questions people were really asking.

Real advice, from real experts.

Data analysis and user research showed us that not only is the buyer journey for retirement living long; there were also many underlying questions that weren’t being answered. And nowadays, when answers aren’t readily available, people get confused and frustrated and ultimately stop their search. Our insight was to dive into the most sought-after search queries and answer those questions with people who experience retirement living every day. Everyone from real Revera residents to brand ambassadors to the industry’s first Chief Medical Officer gave us honest, unbiased advice.

By using a variety of digital tactics and strategic media buys, we tailored our digital tactics to introduce our audience to the brand and capture leads with those who became familiar with our messaging. Throughout the campaign, we continually monitored the data, performance and engagement of our creative so we could customize our content to ensure we were delivering the right messaging to the right audience, in a real and genuine way.


Increased total conversions


Increased qualified leads


Increased traffic to website

Customer experience, reinvented.

Traditionally, open houses and offline touchpoints generated the greatest number of leads for retirement living, which meant the opportunity for growth was limited. But by introducing a strong online, multichannel approach, our campaign resulted in a decrease in CPA by 56%, while sustaining strong lead generation that overcame seasonality hurdles and allowed Revera to obtain leads into the lower-volume months. The results went beyond just generating site traffic; conversions ultimately increased by 41% year over year.