When human insight meets technology we call it humanology.

 Jan Kelley

Some Background

ROCKWOOL is the world's leading supplier of stone wool insulation for residential and commercial use.


Creative Strategy & Development; Digital Strategy, Design & Development; Search Marketing

Quick Brief

With a global rebrand underway, the client needed help changing ROXUL, their North American name, to ROCKWOOL.


What's in a name? Everything.

For almost 30 years, ROCKWOOL's North American division operated under the name ROXUL. Starting relatively unknown in the commercial and residential building industries, it quickly made a name for itself as "the better insulation." We were tasked with introducing the new brand and the "new to North America" ROCKWOOL name to an entire industry.

Hello. A simple yet powerful solution.

In a world that often complicates, going back to basics is refreshing. We developed a campaign that allowed ROXUL to re-introduce itself in the most human way possible – by simply saying hello. It was an approach that also fit nicely into their global shift from product-focused communications to putting people first.

The brand



Digital impressions



Clicks from rich media and social ads



Visitors to the campaign landing page

We welcomed some impressive results.

From quick videos on Facebook and double-page spreads to effective search marketing, we used both traditional and non-traditional tactics to build a highly adaptable campaign. We leveraged ROCKWOOL's celebrity relationships and even partnered with a tech startup to ensure our message was shared with every visitor to the new ROCKWOOL website.