We helped DIYers finish what they started.


Brand Research UX Design Digital Development

The Challenge.

DIYers love starting new projects. But research revealed that although they could find lots of inspiration to start, they often lacked the motivation needed to finish. This inspired us to create one of the biggest creative platforms for the RCBC brand yet.

The Solution.

What better way to help DIYers finish more projects than by creating an entire brand platform that focused on just that? Helping You Finish delivered inspiring, useful and valuable information to DIYers through a number of effective platforms.

Endorsement Strategy.

We engaged Cityline’s Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault as our spokesperson. With a passion for educating and inspiring, Leigh-Ann sparked creativity and instilled confidence through her live television segments, social media engagement and trade show appearances.

Public Relations.

Proactive media and blogger outreach allowed us to build and foster relationships with relevant media and bloggers to pitch them new story ideas that resonated with their audiences. Through an ongoing, regular and personalized approach, our team of communications professionals generated relevant opportunities for RCBC throughout the calendar year.

The Upcycle Challenge.

We partnered with Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore to invite local media personalities, designers and artists from across the country to source items from their local ReStore and repurpose them using RCBC products. Every winning creation, as voted on by trade show attendees, was auctioned off for charity.

Digital Platform.

Everything we did pushed DIYers to HelpingYouFinish.ca, an online hub where they could find inspiration, get support and even show off their own project progress. It was designed to be a comprehensive resource, but it quickly became more than that. It became a community.

The Result.

This omnichannel effort resulted in RCBC becoming the trusted advisor to DIYers across Canada. The Endorsement Strategy and Upcycle Challenge combined to generate well over 200 million impressions. And since launching in 2014, the Helping You Finish social media platforms have grown tremendously in reach, numbers and engagement.