When human insight meets technology we call it humanology.

 Jan Kelley

Client Background

Terrapure Environmental is Canada’s leading industrial waste management and field services provider.


Brand Positioning
Creative Strategy
Digital Strategy

Quick Brief

Reposition Terrapure to clearly communicate its unique vision for the sustainable future of waste.


Waking up to waste.

Industrial waste is usually the last thing businesses think about it. It is often seen as a “cost of doing business” – something companies would discard without a second thought. So, how do we change the way industries see and prioritize waste? By being the change.

Changing a brand for good.

After completing a brand strategy initiative that included vision, positioning, values and personality, we knew how to make positive change. Our workshops proved that Terrapure’s purpose was to create solutions that are good for business, good for people and good for the planet. We recommended in our brand strategy work to lead with a strong sustainability message. More than a tagline, Changing Waste for Good quickly became a Canada-wide rallying cry for reducing waste, restoring operational efficiency and recovering value from waste streams.

The Results

In a very short period of time, our months of work paid off. An entirely new website was written, designed and built, with each piece of content influenced by the new positioning. We created an internal campaign to unite more than 2,100 employees across 70 locations from coast to coast with a brand promise they were proud of. And we took our message to industry trade shows, helping Terrapure put a stake in the ground about why the company exists, what it stands for and how it does business.